Young Wizard 2014-Details

Young Wizard Contest

Shikshaa wishes to provide the youth with an opportunity to showcase their mettle in the battle of knowledge.

YOUNG WIZARD promises to bring out the hidden talents, recognise them for their innovative ideas and put them on fast track.

How to achieve the title

To achieve the YOUNG WIZARD the student has to climb two stages.

    • First stage is a Written Quiz
    • Second stage is submission of one page Innovative Science Project.

First Stage

    • Promising to be thrilling battle of wits and knowledge, the quiz will cover a wide range of subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
    • For Written Quiz Students from VII to IX will be grouped to one level and Students from X to XII will be grouped to another level.
    • Top two winners of the quiz from each level of every school will be awarded.
    • Top 10 from each class in every school of the quiz will get participant certificate.
    • The Quiz is also special, as the top two winners of each level from all Schools will be called to go for the Grand finale.

School Level Winners

  • Two First Prizes Rs.1,000/- each. (One each for Young Wizard & Junior Wizard)
  • Two Second Prizes Rs.500/- each. (One each for Young Wizard & Junior Wizard)
  • Top 104 Students from each class will be given Certificate of Excellence.

Second stage

For the final, winners of the Quiz, has to Create award-winning Innovative Science Projects not more than one page. The project must be application of science for day to day use.

For example the topics could relate to finding solutions to the burning issues of the day like

    • Looming energy crisis
    • Global warming
    • Environmental degradation
    • Food crisis
    • Rapid urbanisation
The list is only indicative. The children can think of any other major issues of the day and the possible solutions. A panel of judges will select the best two projects from each level. The Four winners will be awarded with the title "YOUNG WIZARD AND PRIZES"

Grand Finale Winners

All 4 winners in each school would be eligible, to attend the Young Wizard Grand Finale to be held shortly.

The YOUNG WIZARD & JUNIOR WIZARD shall get a Cash prize of Rs.10,000/-.

The runners-up shall get a cash prize of Rs.5,000/-.

Top 10 Meritorious student will be given Certificate of Excellence

Scholarship Details:

  • Top 4 Winners will get 75% Scholarship.
  • Next 50 Scorers will get 25% Scholarship (25 Young Wizard & 25 Junior Wizard).
  • Next 50 Scorers will get 15% Scholarship (25 Young Wizard & 25 Junior Wizard).
Scholarships are applicable for all the courses from Shikshaa Edutech.  

Who are all eligible

    • All students in the studying in classes  VII to XII are eligible to participate in the contest
    • No entry fee

How to enter the contest

Through Schools

We will be visiting the select schools in the chennai region where we will be conducting the test in the school, if you are eligible, you can opt to take the test at your school NOTE: Interested schools who are willing to participate in this contest, can fill in the Young Wizard School Application form and do the registration. Young Wizard Contest