Details of NTSE Seminar

Training Students for the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)

Current Scenario

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is conducted by NCERT for selecting 1000 National scholars to whom a scholarship of Rs. 500/- per month is paid right from Std. IX up to post-graduation. The amount of the scholarship is likely to be increased shortly. Nearly 1.5 lakh students take the examination resulting in a selection rate of only 0.67%. This makes the NTSE a tougher examination to qualify in when compared to examinations such as the IIT-JEE or the AIEEE. The examination is open to students of Class VIII and is a two stage examination. Stage I is conducted by the State educational authorities for screening candidates for taking the National level examination while stage II is an examination conducted by NCERT for selecting the National Scholars. Both these examinations require quick thinking at a much deeper level than is normally explored in traditional Class VIII. Therefore, the importance of training students in a focussed manner to take the NTSE cannot be overstressed.

The Proposal – Integrated Approach

While guidance, training, intelligence and motivation are very necessary to succeed incompetitive examinations, the single most important factor is giving students the time tostudy by themselves, to think for themselves and internalize the learning. We, at Shikshaa Edutech Ltd, propose to achieve this objective by conducting an NTSE training program in the School premises itself shortly after school hours. As the NTSE syllabus is based upon the syllabus of standards VII and VIII, this intensifies the preparation for both school exams as well as competitive exams and also provides the studentwithseveral hours per week for self-study and preparation which would otherwise be spent on commutation to coaching institutes and different tuition classes. For students of Standard VIII, the program would be of approximately 130 hours duration until the students take the Stage I examination and 100 hours duration between Stages I and II. For students enrolling in the program when they are in Standard VII the program would be of an additional 250 hours.

Win-Win Benefits – The Student

  • School study and competitive examination coaching classes will be conducted under one roof - the school premises.
  • This program saves valuable hours of time spent normally on travelling to institutes. The physical energy spent in the process is also saved.
  • Classes are conducted by well qualified and experienced faculty who have many years of experience in conducting coaching programs for competitive examinations.
  • Systematic coverage of both School and NTSE syllabi with phase tests and test analysis sessions.
  • Well researched and comprehensive study material for NTSEwith original problems for self-study and evaluation.
  • Student is enrolled in Shikshaa’s online test programme which provides him/her with the option of taking unlimited tests.
  • The online E-bulletin boardprovidesfor easy and quick interaction with faculty and for the rapid clearance of doubts and queries.
  • Individual performance tracking record of every student and counselling when the performance drops.
  • Effective problem solving sessions enable the student to develop the critical thinking skills involved in solving problems. Periodic test analysis sessions help the student to improve from one test to another.
  • Students can avail scholarships to the program offered in recognition of their academic excellence in the Classes VI or VII final exam as applicable.

Win-Win Benefits – The School

  • Better performance in School examinations.
  • Increased success rate in the NTSE will enhance the image and standing of the school.
  • Optimum utilisation of teachers of the school and more care extended to below average students.
  • Better qualities of students get enrolled in the school from across the state.
  • Existing good quality of students do not leave the school for similar reasons.
  • Highly qualified faculty team of Shikshaa including doctorates in their respective field will supplement the school teachers which gives a positive leverage to the teaching process.
  • Schools can find substantialrecurring revenue contributed by the program.