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The Integrated School program for IIT JEE/Foundation IIT JEE with Shikshaa Edutech Limited

Current Scenario

In today’s education environment a class XII student aspiring for a premier engineering institution has to write different competitive examinations to maximise his/her opportunities. These competitive exams like IIT JEE require different degrees of preparation as the exams test the skills and concepts of the aspirant to varying depths of understanding and application of the concepts. Board exams preparation is vital as the marks scored there is also vital as a base for these competitive exams as well as in keeping their chances open in good State engineering Colleges.

Traditionally a serious aspirant for IITs and NITs in the State board concentrates only on his/her competitive exam preparation and possibly compromises on the board marks in the process. He/she justifies it by their reduced chances in the state engineering colleges where the competition from state boards come up with close to 100 percentage marks.

The Proposal – Integrated Approach

While guidance, training, intelligence and motivation are very necessary to succeed in competitive examinations, the single most important factor is giving students the time to study by themselves, to think for themselves and internalize the learning. Unfortunately, in today’s educational scenario the student is busy running from one class to another with hardly any time for self study. Consequently, many students are confused, get burnt out due to the stress, drop out from competitive coaching and/or end up not doing well in either the board examinations or the competitive examinations.

We, at Shikshaa, propose an integrated approach towards both the objectives and help to eliminate either of the compromise prevailing in the scenario by providing an integrated coaching for the competitive exams like IITJEE in the premises of the school itself and primarily within the school hours of the student possibly stretching it to a few hours more in the case of class XI and XII. This intensifies the preparation for both board exams as well as competitive exams and also frees him/her numerous hours per week for self study and preparation which would otherwise be spent on commutation to coaching institutes and different tuition classes.

Apart from time, the deadlines and pressures of the school evaluation system and the coaching institute’s evaluation procedures are unified in one direction to enable the student to focus his attention and energy in one common objective of success in both Board’s as well as competitive exams of choice.

The program would be approximately of 720 hours duration per year, divided into 240 hours for each subject – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. This would directly translate to around 18 hours of IIT JEE coaching classes per week. Traditionally only around 9 hours of classes are held by most institutes conducting IIT JEE coaching. With double the number of coaching hours per week, Shikshaa’s coaching is the most intensive and becomes the most powerful when it combines with the online facilities offered by Shikshaa, supplemented by the valuable hours of time saved for the student on commutation to institutes.

Win-Win Benefits – The Student

  • School study for Board preparation and Competitive exam coaching classes will be conducted under one roof - the school premises.
  • The integrated program saves valuable hours of time spent normally on travelling to institutes. The physical energy spent in the process is also saved.
  • Classes are conducted by well qualified and experienced faculty who have many years of experience in conducting coaching programs for IIT JEE.
  • Systematic coverage of both Matriculation and IIT JEE syllabi with phase tests and test analysis sessions.
  • Systematic evaluation of both Matriculation and IITJEE preparation with eased deadlines.
  • Well researched and comprehensive study material for IITJEE with original problems for self study and evaluation.
  • Student is enrolled into Shikshaa’s Online Test programs and offering which provide him/her Unlimited Tests; Online Test series; Phase Tests;
  • The online E-bulletin boards provide for easy and quick interaction with faculty and for quick redressal of doubts and queries.
  • Special Intensive coaching on IIT JEE after the board exams and before the IIT JEE exam.
  • Individual performance tracking record of every student and counselling when the performance drops.
  • Effective problem solving sessions enable the student develop the critical thinking skills involved in solving problems.
  • Periodic test analysis sessions help the student to improve from one test to another.
  • Students can avail liberal scholarships to the program offered in recognition of their academic excellence in the Class X final exam.

Win-Win Benefits – The School

  • Time saved for the student is effectively utilised and the student is in better frame of mind for assimilation of sessions in classes for the board preparation.
  • Better performance in Board exams with no compromises involved.
  • Increased success rate in competitive exams like IIT JEE will enhance the image and standing of the school.
  • Optimum utilisation of teachers of the school and more care extended to below average students.
  • Better qualities of students get enrolled in the school from across the state.
  • Existing good quality of students do not leave the school for similar reasons.
  • Highly qualified faculty team of Shikshaa including doctorates in their field will supplement the school teachers which gives a positive leverage to the teaching process.
  • Shikshaa would provide for improving the infrastructure of the school as agreed and deemed suitable by both parties concerned. Shikshaa Edutech proposes to contribute to improve the infrastructure of the classrooms for both years including wall POP, false ceiling and air-conditioning or an alternative contribution towards improvement of facilities in the science labs and computer centre to the tune of Rs. 1,00,000 (One lakh only-) worth of materials as required and deemed appropriate by the School Management.