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  • JEE Main 2014 Paper discussion via Hangout with IITians To participate: Click here
  • Shikshaa Edutech is one of the first training Institutions in India to obtain the coveted ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification.
  • Shikshaa Edutech Ltd was awarded THE BEST IIT COACHING CENTRE on Educationist Teachers Day Award - 2013
  • Online Exam for IIT-JEE Main is scheduled on 09-04-2014, 11-04-2014, 12-04-2014, 19-04-2014
  • Shikshaa Edutech has been associated with SBOA Matriculation Hr.secondary School (Annanagar West), Bhaktavatsalam Vidyashram (Korattur) and Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School (West CIT Nagar) for offering IIT-Foundation & NTSE Scholar program to the students
What’s so special about us?

  • Shikshaa’s robust E-learning platform seamlessly integrates with classroom coaching to provide wholesome educational experience to the students.
  • Shikshaa has developed a scientific and proprietary teaching methodology – ARMOR. It stands for Assessment, Rigor, Mentoring, Online tools and Results. ARMOR enhances the learning capabilities of students.

  • Shikshaa provides for e-bulletin boards for discussion with peer groups, which promote active and healthy interaction between the students. Shikshaa also provides for another e-bulletin board where students can post questions to faculty. These queries shall be responded to by the faculty and shall be visible to all the students.

  • Shikshaa has a large Question Bank of about 20000 questions with solutions to enable students to have exclusive practice at the convenience of their home.
  • Shikshaa Edutech has stringent norms for selecting its faculty members. The faculty members are highly qualified and include doctorates in the relevant subjects. The faculty members are also experienced in teaching the student community for various competitive examinations for many years.

Quiz for the Day

Quiz No : 563
Stars appears to move from east to west because

all stars move from east to west
the earth rotates from west to east
the earth rotates from east to west
the background of the stars moves from west to east

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Ranjit Narasimhan

"Former President and CEO of HCL BPO, has founded Shikshaa Edutech Ltd. with a vision to provide wholesome education and prepare the students for a lifelong career of excellence."

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